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NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) commissions, or buys, health services for Bolton people.  It’s our job to make sure people have the health services they need and that these services are safe and deliver high quality care.

The CCG remains committed to the founding principles of the NHS and they guide everything we do. 

  1. The NHS should meet the needs of everyone.
  2. The NHS should be free at the point of delivery.
  3. Access to NHS care or treatment should be based on medical need, not the ability to pay.

We are a member organisation, bringing together all 50 GP practices in Bolton to work together to tackle the health issues affecting our community. 

Clinical commissioning groups were set up by the Government as part of wide ranging changes to the structure of the NHS and replaced primary care trusts.  The CCG took over from NHS Bolton (Bolton’s primary care trust) on 1 April 2013.

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