Zieda Ali

Lay Member for Engagement

Zieda (Zed) has over 20 years’ experience of working in the public sector with substantial experience of working in the field of Health and Social Care, Criminal Justice & Community Cohesion. She has worked across a range of sectors spanning social services local authority and the third sector; she also has several years experience as a non executive director in the VCFS (voluntary, community, faith sector).  She has a BA Hons in Health and Social Care.

Zieda has a thorough understanding of the background to and aim of current healthcare policy and appreciates the implications of this on engagement. At a strategic level, she has built effective relationships and engaged with key strategic regional and national policy makers and networks, including Public Health, NHS England, Human Rights Commission, and Care Quality Commission to improve health outcomes for children and young people and more broadly across vulnerable groups.

Zieda is also  passionate about high quality care for all, equality, diversity and inclusion and patient centered care.  As a lay member, Zieda aims to bring an independent perspective to the Governing Body and in particular, champion the involvement of patients in influencing how the CCG commission services.