Primary Care Commissioning Committee

This committee is held jointly between NHS England and NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).  Its main purpose is to jointly commission (or buy) primary care for the people of Bolton.  Primary care includes the services provided at your GP practice.

Following changes to the NHS in 2013, NHS England has been responsible for commissioning primary care.  In 2014, CCGs were invited to get more involved in this area and take on greater powers to improve services locally.  Bolton CCG formally expressed an interest in working jointly with NHS England to co-commission the services provided by GP practices and this was approved.  The Joint Commissioning Committee was set up to oversee this work and make sure everything is done properly.

The overall aim of primary care co-commissioning is to create a more joined up system of commissioning services, which is led by health professionals and delivers more patient care outside of hospitals.  It means more decisions can be taken locally to meet the needs of the people living in that area.  In Bolton, co-commissioning has allowed the CCG to invest more money in GP practices and work closely with practices to drive improvements right across the borough.   

The Primary Care Joint Commissioning Committee is established in accordance with the CCG's Constitution, Standing Orders, and Scheme of Delegation.

If you require sight of previous committee papers prior to April 2016, please contact Joanne Taylor on 01204-462028 or email

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PCCC meeting

General Business:

Apologies for absence.

Declarations of interest.

Minutes from the last meeting of the Primary Care Commissioning Committee held on 14th June 2018.

Bolton Quality Contract:-

*  Proposal for the development of an acute visiting service.

*  End of Year Report 2017/18.

*  Prescribing Budgets 2018/19.

Overview of the process, quality assurance, monitoring, governance and outcomes for NHS Health Checks in Bolton:

*  June report.

*  Updated ToR.

Primary Care Investment Agreement - July 2018 Update.

Update on the Practice Relocation Application.

GP Forward View Transformation Fund Proposals.

Estates Update.

Any Other Business.

Chair reflection on significant decisions/actions/risks that may need reporting to the Board through these minutes.

Time and date of next meeting:  Thursday 11th October 2018 at 12pm in the Bevan Room, 2nd Floor, St Peters House.


General Business
  • PCCC Part 1 Papers 16 August 18
    Bolton CCG - PCCC Part 1 Papers 16 August 18
Strategic Items
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Items For Decision
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Priority Assurance Items
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Items To Receive
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Primary Care Commissioning Committee - 14th June 2018

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Primary Care Commissioning Committee

Public meeting

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