Self Care
Hangover, minor cuts and bruises, coughs & colds.
Lots of minor illnesses can be effectively treated at home.
Keep a well stocked medicine cabinet to help to relieve any minor symptoms.

Diarrhoea & vomiting, headaches, tummy upsets, insect bites &
severe coughs.
Many medicines are available at your local pharmacy without a prescription,
and lots of Bolton pharmacies are open at evenings and weekends.

Feverish children, persistent pain i.e. earache.
Your GP practice is open for routine and urgent appointments (children under
12 will be assessed on the same day). If you are unable to attend from
8.00am - 6.30pm some alternative appointments (6.30pm - 9.30pm, plus
weekends) are available at either your GP practice or GP hub near you.

GP Services Out of Hours
Urgent health problems at evenings and weekends.
The GP Out of Hours service is there to help with urgent
health problems that will not wait until your GP practice is next open.
Call your GP practice as normal.

Severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, bleeding you
can’t stop, possible broken bones.
A&E is for serious injuries and life threatening conditions only.
If you go to A&E with minor health problems you may be
turned away and directed to a more suitable NHS service.

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