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NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) regularly talks to local people to get their views on local health services.  We aim to ensure that the services we commission, or buy, reflect the needs of our diverse population.  The CCG wants to give Bolton people more influence and control over the decisions we make.

This page is all about letting you know how your feedback, comments, and views have made a difference to your local NHS.


In 2018 NHS Bolton CCG commissioned Kooth, provided by Xenzone, to offer accredited online counselling support for children and young people aged 11-25. Kooth additionally offers a variety of self-help materials and moderated forums, messaging functions and one-to-one text-based support through drop-in and pre-bookable sessions with counsellors, therapists and support workers. Commissioning Kooth locally was due to valuable feedback from young people who said they wanted more emotional health and wellbeing support available online.



Kooth - You said you wanted an anonymous online mental health resource for young people. Using this feedback we commissioned the service Kooth on a 2 year pilot.

Due to feedback from local parents about the Maternity Voices Partnership we held interviews in 2018 to recruit to the post of chair and co-chair for the group. We successfully recruited, after many applications received, and are happy to announce that we have both a chair and co chair who are pulling together the next steps for this group with other parents and clinicians. 

Maternity Voices Partnership - You said you wanted a parents group set up to guide/shape maternity services in Bolton, ran by Bolton people. We have set up Bolton's Maternity Voices Partnership and in June 2018 a member of the public was recruited as the chair.


Thanks to your feedback the primary care locality service operates across three sites in Bolton, making these appointments more local and more convenient. 

Click here to find out more about access, opening times and where the appointments will be held.


GP Out of Hours - You said you would like to see a GP during weekends and evenings without traveling across town. We have used this feedback to make the needed changes.


We are working with  local voluntary sector services and we are in the process of developing an open, transparent and meaningful mental health forum. This forum will be for any member of the public or carer who wants to talk with others about their experiences of mental health services across all sectors. We anticipate this forum will be running in 2019 and updates will be provided on this website.

Mental Health Services - You said you wanted a platform to be able to engage in a more open and meaningful way about mental health services. Using your feedback this work has now commenced.


In 2018 at various engagement sessions you said that information that NHS Bolton CCG deems important needed to be available in various languages. Using this feedback we commissioned an online translation tool called Browsealoud which can translate the web pages of the CCG website. Click here and scroll down the page, to find out more about Browsealoud. Look out for the icon on every page.

Browsealoud - You said that NHS Bolton’s CCG website needed to be translated into commonly used languages by the people of Bolton. We used your comments to make this happen.


In 2018 at various engagement sessions you said that leaflets describing  alternative options to A&E services needed to be translated into commonly used languages, such as Urdu and Gujarati. We have revisted the groups and told them the difference their feedback has made because through this feedback, we now have a number of resources in Urdu, Gujarati and Polish. Click here to view the Urdu leaflet or here to view the Gujarati leaflet.

Translation - You said that you needed leaflets translated into commonly used languages by the people of Bolton. We used your comments to create new resources.


At the Bolton CCGs NHS70 Roadshow you said “I Shouldn't need to give life story to a GP receptionist”. This prompted us to create a poster that explains that there is now a wider range of health professionals for you to gain access to, through your GP practice. That a GP receptionist may now ask you more questions, not because they want to be intrusive but because they want to offer you the best quality care from the most appropriate health professional. To view the poster please click here.

GP Receptionist - You said “I Shouldn't need to give my life story to a GP receptionist” So we used you feedback to create an informative poster.


In 2019 we worked with GP practices to create a set of clear guides on how to book interpretation services for people whose first language isn’t English and for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. These have been sent to every GP practice in Bolton.

Interpretation - GP practices said they wanted guidance on booking interpretation services. We responded by creating new resources.

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